Dell Chromebook 5190 with 13 hours battery life launched for students

Dell announced a new Chromebook model of its 5000 series on the Bett Show in London. It’s a student-laptop and has been launched in two types – an 11-inch density factor and the other with a 2-in-1 transition design. Dell’s new laptop is offering 13 hours of battery life.

According to Dell, the Chromebook 5190 is the first Chromebook model that can stand up to 10,000 micro drops. The company claims that the laptop can handle regular up to 48 inches drop or 30 inches on steel. It is said that it is the standard height of the classroom table.

Dell borrowed the latest Chromebook model design and technology for a great range of tablets and notebooks. Clearly, the Chromebook 5190 features scratch-resistant display and powerful snippets. Chromebook keyboards are spill-resistant. Although the device was discarded, the Chromebook’s chassis improved to be durable.

The Dell Chromebook 5190 laptop is designed for students and they claim to provide advanced features that are customized for classroom environments. World-facing camera users take photos of what’s happening on their classroom or field trips. Also, there is an active writing for handwriting notes and sketching.
World-facing camera for Chromebook 5000 series such as EMR Pen Support, USB Type-C Connection, Video and Dual or Quad Core Intel Cylatron Processors. In its blog post, “We are able to learn personalized, working together to enrich the learning process of students, teachers and technology, our unique, experienced perspective keeps students centrally located and technology is leveraged for access to education, resources, information and functionality are just a few clicks away. ” was written in post.

The Dell Chromebook 5190 will be available for purchase at a price point of $ 289 (approximately $ 18,500) for the price variant from February 2012. We can expect a convertible model of Chromebook 5000 series to be expensive.
In addition to Dell, even the Acer Chromebook came in the betting show with the Spin 11, Chromebox CXI3 and Chromebook C732. In it, the C732 is an education-centric laptop with an IP41 rating.

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