Google photos is now more than just an assembly of personal snaps and a stash for freeing up your phone space. It has now upgraded, giving its 500 million users a more social experience with its new sharing features.

In today’s world good photographs don’t matter unless you have a platform to share them on, or show it to someone. Thus, with Google’s this update, you will be able to instantly share your snaps with the people you want.

The app now has a feature called Suggested Sharing, which uses facial recognition to recommend the photos you should share with your friends and family.

Another element called Shared Libraries allows you to automatically share either all your photos or a fragment of your photos with distinct people. Not only this, but the company also publicized that it will offer photo books and will integrate Google Lens into Google Photos.

Many firms have tried to make this feature of being able to share and socialise through photos in their applications. There is a constant need of improving and making this component an easy-to-use feature. The most progress in this area has instead emerged from companies like Facebook and Google, thanks to their use of technologies like facial recognition and AI, combined with sizeable user base that means you don’t have to rebuild your social network in some startup’s new app.

The latest addition in Google Photos will remind you to share your captures and will also be able to identify the people in the photos through facial recognition. It will prompt you to share the photos through notifications. The facial recognition technology makes it easier to understand who you would want to share the photos with. The Google Photos app will identify who from your Google Contacts is in your photo, and then give you a nudge to share your photos with them from the app.

Shared Libraries, the second addition makes it effortless to share photos with close ones. You will be able to turn on a setting that will automatically send the chosen person all the pictures containing a particular individual (or multiple persons). The other person can choose to automatically save these photos.

The third feature – which had been previously scooped by Bloomberg – is the launch of Photo books.Through this update Google Photos will choose your best snaps and offer them as a hardcopy printed book. It may also suggest you buy a book when it detects an event has taken place – like you’ve just returned from a family vacation, for example.

Google will offer both 7-inch softcover or 9-inch hardcover books, and Google Photos will pick 40 photos it thinks are the best. The softcover books will cost $9.99, while hardcover will cost $19.99. The books will be 20 pages long by default.

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