Windows 10 vs Windows 7 : Windows 10 is the winner?

In this we will see, Windows 10 vs Windows 7 : Windows 10 is the winner? According to StatCounter, about two and a half years after the first release, Windows 10 has surpassed Windows 7 in global use.

StatCounter, web analysis company, increases the proportion of Windows 10 on Windows PCs to 42.78 percent, and before Windows 7 with 41.86 percent.

Windows 10, first released in July 2015, has risen from 32.84 percent in January 2017, while Windows 7 has dropped from 47.46 percent during that period.


Windows 10 vs Windows 7 : Windows 10 is the winner?


In terms of user numbers, Microsoft said in November that 600 million Windows 10 devices had been active in the last 28 days, 100 million more than nine months earlier. However, this number includes tablets, phones, and Xbox consoles.

As those who follow Windows Marketshare know, there are several sources that offer these numbers and they are always different due to different methods and different sources of web traffic.

The other oft-quoted analytics company, NetMarketShare, reports Windows 7 is eight percent ahead of Windows 10, even though the gap was closed 20 percent a year ago.

As Ed Bott has already explained by ZDNet, NetMarketShare aims to measure daily unique users in its network, while StatCounter measures all traffic. NetMarketShare also weights the data by country, while StatCounter does not.


Windows 10 vs Windows 7 : Windows 10 is the winner?


The US government analysis portal says that 21.3 percent of the 2.59 billion visitors in the last three months used Windows 10, compared to 19.8 percent of Windows 7 devices. It was an equal separation between American and international visitors.

As StatCounter notes, there are geographical differences when Windows 10 passes Windows 7. In North America and the UK, Windows 10 took the lead in January 2017 and June 2016, respectively.

In Europe, the crossover took place in March 2107, while Windows 7 in Asia and India still has a lead of 15 percent and 30 percent over Windows 10.

Another number that Microsoft is interested in is how many Windows 10 users are running the latest version, the Windows 10 Case Creators Update.

According to AdDuplex, as of January, 74 percent of Windows 10 users are on the latest release, followed by 17 percent on the Creators Update.

A key group that still clings to Windows 7 are Microsoft’s corporate customers, which Microsoft hopes will boost an upgrade to the superior security of Windows 10, which would protect many businesses from the WannaCry and NotPetya Internet attacks.

In its latest issue, he said June to November 2017, Windows 7 devices were 3.4 times more likely to encounter ransomware than Windows 10 devices.

Nonetheless, StatCounter CEO Aodhan Cullen described Windows 10 surpassing Windows 7 as a “breakthrough for Microsoft.”

“Windows 10 was released in late July 2015, and Microsoft will be pleased to have its Windows 8 experience behind it,” he wrote.

“However, Windows 7 retains its loyalty, especially to business users, and Microsoft hopes it can replace it much faster than XP, which was launched in August 2001 and dropped to less than 5 percent worldwide in June 2017.”

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